The Dark Between Series Book 2

The clans, covens, and courts will be unified once the race that was cloven is too.

Jess escaped the Triodia Penitentiary and slew her uncle, Lorenzo, the Remus Alpha. Although she is free, she isn’t at peace. The death omen, the Sidhe, who called to her in the Between haunts her. 

The Enodia Coven, who Jess shelters with, would have her claim the Rem Alphahood. By familial and slayer rights, it belongs to her. Why then does she feel an affinity with the rival Rom Clan?

As Jess struggles to work out where she belongs in the para world, the mysteries surrounding her continue to grow. Will the truth, the para officer Matteo holds, set her free? Or is the vamp, Rune, the key to finding where she fits in? 

Contrarily, what if the truth doesn’t set Jess free? What if, instead, it steals her future?

Nox is the second in a four-book series, The Dark Between. Like the Between, the series is liminal and sits between the space of Young and New Adult. Warning, from here on, the themes are darker and definitely of the NA flavor.  

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