I am currently NOT accepting review requests due to having a large number of books to read and review. I will likely open submissions again in January. 

I enjoy reading traditionally, independently and self-published works. I am passionate about reviewing other authors’ work and will cross-post reviews on this blog, Goodreads and Amazon. As a self-published author, I understand how much work goes into getting reviews and promise to respond to every review request. I also work closely with a writing group, often having other writers’ work to read and review, depending on these commitments, I will gladly consider any book review request received.

I write Young Adult, Urban Fantasy so anything in this category I will likely say yes to.  However, as a reader, I read widely and have an eclectic taste so will consider other genres. I am unlikely to say yes to Romance, Memoir or Non-Fiction and don’t read Erotica. If you would like to send me a request to review your work email me at: rae@raeelse.co.uk When emailing me with review requests, please put: Review Request in the subject and include both the Amazon and Goodreads links, your book’s cover image, and tell me a little about it. I don’t believe in giving negative reviews to authors and will always award three to five stars. Therefore, when requesting a review please send me the first three chapters of your book so that I can make an informed decision as to whether it’s the right fit for me. I’m happy to receive the whole file/full book if that’s easier but I will read the first three chapters before getting back to you. If in my opinion, it falls below a three-star rating then I will give you honest feedback too. I believe in giving constructive criticism to authors and will explain what it is that I felt didn’t work for me in the first three chapters – such as structural or editorial issues. If after reading this you’d still like me to review then email away!

Here’s a link to the Indie Review, where you can find more reviewers.