Category: Young Adult

Book Review: Pure

Pure by Julianna Baggott was recommended to me by my brother ages ago – finally got round to reading it. A YA Dystopian novel that is definitely unique. The story takes place after a nuclear detonation and features a world where some survivors are living in a Dome, shielded from the detonations, whilst the others […]

Crow Moon by Anna McKerrow: Book Review

Crow Moon is a wonderful invention of a world and story where the shortage of fuel has divided the world. We start off in the Green World, in Dorset and Cornwall where they have formed their own community, which is self-sufficient, living simply off the land…and has witches to protect the villages from the threat […]

Deep Water, Lu Hersey: Book Review

A lovely Middle Grade Fantasy story set in Cornwall. If you like the sea and folklore – you’ll love this read. In Scotland I grew up reading lots of myths about the Selkie, which inspires Lu’s story – so I really enjoyed this one! The protagonist, Danni is a teenage girl who is thrust into mysteries concerning her family […]

When Mr Dog Bites: Book Review

I recently got this YA novel, When Mr Dog Bites from a friend who is representing it through his Literary Agency, the BIA. It’s not the usual kind of book I’d read (not being supernatural or leaning towards the other slant my reading takes – artsy fartsy, I suppose), but I have been trying to branch out a bit more of […]

Book Review: Smoke and Bone – The Grisha Series

Finished the first book in The Grisha series – Smoke and Bone. Although not a particular fan of the MC, Alina, who was too whiny and self-pitying for my liking (Think Fanny Price type from Mansfield Park), the world of Ravka was easy to sink into. The Kingdom of Ravka was split in two when the shadow fold […]

Cinder: YA Book Review

Wanted to start sharing some reviews about the YA fantasy novels I’ve been reading lately.  I’ll start with the most recent first, Cinder by Marissa Meyers. It is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles. Starting out, I wasn’t sure how much would be original or unique, but Meyer crafts the futuristic world of New […]