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Jupiter Ascending: Film Review

Ok…this one kept popping up as a recommendation on my Plex to watch – it’s a YA, Action Adventure, Sci-fi. Kind of my thing… I watched it all, but honestly, just to giggle at. The premise: a young woman, Jupiter finds out she is the heiress to an intergalactic kingdom and fights to protect Earth and […]

Hunting Lila: Book Review

Ok…remember I was branching out a bit – this one is a little bit more in my comfort zone though. It’s down as Action and Adventure in Amazon, but has the Supernatural slant – I guess we could label it as Supernatural Thriller or Suspense. Let me say first – I read it very quickly. […]

When Mr Dog Bites: Book Review

I recently got this YA novel, When Mr Dog Bites from a friend who is representing it through his Literary Agency, the BIA. It’s not the usual kind of book I’d read (not being supernatural or leaning towards the other slant my reading takes – artsy fartsy, I suppose), but I have been trying to branch out a bit more of […]

The Devil on your Back…

I went to a wedding last week and although one may think that reflections about devilry and darkness are out of place, that’s exactly what I was thinking about throughout the ceremony. The hymn ‘Lord of the Dance’ came up and the line ‘it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back’ really tickled […]

Consciousness, sentience and other age-old questions…

Lately, I’ve been getting really into watching a lot of films about artificial intelligence; mainly because there are so many good ones out there at the moment. I watched Ex Machina last night and what can I say, but quote the character, Caleb, “****ing awesome!” It’s a thought provoking Sci-Fi film in which the MC, Caleb […]

Book Review: Smoke and Bone – The Grisha Series

Finished the first book in The Grisha series – Smoke and Bone. Although not a particular fan of the MC, Alina, who was too whiny and self-pitying for my liking (Think Fanny Price type from Mansfield Park), the world of Ravka was easy to sink into. The Kingdom of Ravka was split in two when the shadow fold […]

Book Review: The Elemental Mysteries Series

Wanted to post up another review on Elizabeth Hunter’s excellent Paranormal Romance series: The Elemental Mysteries. Have now read the others too; This Same Earth, The Force of Wind and A Fall of Water. Just wanted to exclaim – they are excellent! We become well travelled with B and Gio in the series – in the second […]

A Hidden Fire: Book Review

Although not YA, the genre I am writing in at the moment, I still wanted to share a review of A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter; a Paranormal Romance novel I read a little while ago. It is the first book in a series of four, The Elemental Mysteries. Enter: Dr Giovanni Vecchio, a bookish, handsome, mysterious, Italian academic. […]

Cinder: YA Book Review

Wanted to start sharing some reviews about the YA fantasy novels I’ve been reading lately.  I’ll start with the most recent first, Cinder by Marissa Meyers. It is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles. Starting out, I wasn’t sure how much would be original or unique, but Meyer crafts the futuristic world of New […]