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Crimson Peak: Film Review

I was quite excited about seeing this at the cinema the other day. Combining two of my favourite things – period drama and ghosts, it, no doubt, had to be a winner.

Hmmmm, let me just say the intro – establishing the characters and their coming together was good.

I liked that ridiculously theatrical and ostentatious ghosts, costumes and mansion, who doesn’t want that in a Gothic Horror? Indeed Allerdale Hall couldn’t have been embellished any more in its grandeur. This is where it falls down. In fact, i would have been better had the whole wonderful, gothic mansion had come crashing down! For the plot, the story was weak and pallid against the setting.

The hundreds of years old house was haunted not due to a dark, disturbing past that spanned generations, but merely the result of one generation behaving badly. (Yes, murderously, incestuously, I’ll give you that, but still!)

Let this film stand as a testament to the fact that one’s setting must marry with one’s story and only then can the right atmosphere and impact come about.

The Happiness of Pursuit…

The happiness of pursuit :-)

The happiness of pursuit ūüôā

I watched the film ‘Hector and the Search for Happiness’ last week. I liked it much more than I expected. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. And…here’s a summary: –

It tells the story of Hector stagnating in his profession, psychiatry, as well as in his relationship with his girlfriend, Clara. He feels comfortable, safe and secure, but begins to wonder if something is missing in his life.

He decides to go travelling Рexploring China, going to a Tibetan monastery, seeing a doctor friend who has been working in Africa and finally off to Las Vegas seeking resolution about an past relationship.

The movie, despite the wooden characters of Hector and Clara at the beginning of the  (OCD, neat-freaks, bland sort of people) it was a good watch. The message is uplifting, very sweet in places and humorous in others.

Won’t spoil too much, but a few of the great pearls of wisdom he picks up along the way are:

“Happiness could be the freedom to love more than one woman at the same time.”

“Nostalgia is not what it used to be.”

…and – just had to throw in this conversation that occurs between Hector and a Tibetan Monk:

Old Monk: Would you like to come in?

Hector: Yes, please. Cause I might not be around next week.

Old Monk: The moment of death is indeed uncertain. Come in.

So here’s to embracing life fully¬†and all that you wish to pursue!


Jupiter Ascending: Film Review


Ok…this one kept popping up as a recommendation on my Plex to watch – it’s a YA, Action Adventure, Sci-fi. Kind of my thing…

I watched it all, but honestly, just to giggle at. The premise: a young woman, Jupiter finds out she is the heiress to an intergalactic kingdom and fights to protect Earth and its inhabitants from an evil industry.

Hmmm…could actually have been ok, but sadly, no. Jupiter, the MC’s humdrum life is¬†quickly disturbed¬†by evil intergalactic forces, keepers,¬†who come to kill her. Then a bounty hunter, Caine rescues her with the aid of his technologically advanced, hover boots. These boots, the multiple space-craft chases and the, garish, gothic space-ship of one of the Abrasax heirs takes up screen time and leaves no time for creating a coherent storyline.

Did I not mention that Jupiter is the reincarnation of the recently deceased Abrasax heir and that all three heirs are fighting her right as ruler so that they can lay claims to the people of Earth who they want to harvest to¬†use to make¬†elixir of life from so as to keep their youth and immortality? Well…it was all glossed over in the film so probably isn’t important.

For a chuckle and some gratuitous space chases worth a peek.

Consciousness, sentience and other age-old questions…

Lately, I’ve¬†been getting really into watching a lot of films about artificial intelligence; mainly because there are so many good ones out there at the moment.

I watched Ex Machina last night and what can I say, but quote the character, Caleb, “****ing awesome!”

It’s a thought provoking Sci-Fi film in which the MC, Caleb has to examine a robot and decide whether it possesses consciousness. The usual questions spring up – What is consciousness? Does man have a right to create it? And the more complicated question –¬†is gender attached to our consciousness?

But as is always the case, it is the darker hue of human-hood that gives the story its complexities and conflicts – control, envy, arrogance, anger and deceit.

If, like me, you haven’t had your fill of robots, try watching the current TV show, Humans. Also give the film

Her and Transcendence a go. (Though technically speaking, Transcendence is the about the molding of human consciousness with a machine, but consciousness is consciousness – whatever form it takes, right?)

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