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Crimson Peak: Film Review

I was quite excited about seeing this at the cinema the other day. Combining two of my favourite things – period drama and ghosts, it, no doubt, had to be a winner. Hmmmm, let me just say the intro – establishing the characters and their coming together was good. I liked that ridiculously theatrical and […]

The Happiness of Pursuit…

I watched the film ‘Hector and the Search for Happiness’ last week. I liked it much more than I expected. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. And…here’s a summary: – It tells the story of Hector stagnating in his profession, psychiatry, as well as in his relationship with his girlfriend, Clara. He feels comfortable, safe and secure, but begins […]

Jupiter Ascending: Film Review

Ok…this one kept popping up as a recommendation on my Plex to watch – it’s a YA, Action Adventure, Sci-fi. Kind of my thing… I watched it all, but honestly, just to giggle at. The premise: a young woman, Jupiter finds out she is the heiress to an intergalactic kingdom and fights to protect Earth and […]

Consciousness, sentience and other age-old questions…

Lately, I’ve been getting really into watching a lot of films about artificial intelligence; mainly because there are so many good ones out there at the moment. I watched Ex Machina last night and what can I say, but quote the character, Caleb, “****ing awesome!” It’s a thought provoking Sci-Fi film in which the MC, Caleb […]