Category: Contemporary and Classic

Iza’s Ballad: Book Review

A beautiful and moving read about family and loss. There is a sense of fragility throughout this book, brought about mostly by the exploration of the characters by telling the same tale from each of their viewpoints. It’s a book that shows how easy it is to misunderstand the actions and motivations of others, and most […]

The Sober Scent of Paper

For some time I have been hiding out in my writer’s world: built of paperbacks and notepads, (of course, the computer features in it too, but directed inwards, not at the outside world – that’s the important part). The short days of winter and writerly tasks of reflection, writing and redrafting make this easy. A few […]

Stoner: Book Review

I cannot profess enough how much I enjoyed this book. In it a young man from an agriculture background attends university and discovers his inner sense of self through literature. It’s a novel that anyone who loves literature will relate to and devour in a few sittings. The change affected on his mind affects raises the dull lecture theatre setting […]

Hunting Lila: Book Review

Ok…remember I was branching out a bit – this one is a little bit more in my comfort zone though. It’s down as Action and Adventure in Amazon, but has the Supernatural slant – I guess we could label it as Supernatural Thriller or Suspense. Let me say first – I read it very quickly. […]

The Devil on your Back…

I went to a wedding last week and although one may think that reflections about devilry and darkness are out of place, that’s exactly what I was thinking about throughout the ceremony. The hymn ‘Lord of the Dance’ came up and the line ‘it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back’ really tickled […]

Book Review: The Elemental Mysteries Series

Wanted to post up another review on Elizabeth Hunter’s excellent Paranormal Romance series: The Elemental Mysteries. Have now read the others too; This Same Earth, The Force of Wind and A Fall of Water. Just wanted to exclaim – they are excellent! We become well travelled with B and Gio in the series – in the second […]

A Hidden Fire: Book Review

Although not YA, the genre I am writing in at the moment, I still wanted to share a review of A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter; a Paranormal Romance novel I read a little while ago. It is the first book in a series of four, The Elemental Mysteries. Enter: Dr Giovanni Vecchio, a bookish, handsome, mysterious, Italian academic. […]