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A World between the Shadows and the Surface

Just a quick post to say I’m back from an amazing scuba diving trip and looking forward to getting back into reading and writing in the upcoming weeks. I was diving out in the Red Sea in Northern Egypt on reefs and wrecks. The more and more I dive, the more I feel like there […]

Beta Readers and Critique Partners

Last week I extended my network of Beta readers. In the past I’ve just used the writers’ forums I frequent, but I’ve been so happy finding lots more readers/writers to swap with at Goodreads this week. (Thank you to all those people who reached out). It reminded me of the thoughts of a debuting author, Shirley Anne McMillan. […]

Calling all immortals!

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while. A future post will definitely be saved for the topic of an in-depth analysis of the glorious vampire! Perhaps also for the werewolf and witch. But for now, I wanted to speak about my reasons for loving the supernatural genre. I’ve heard lots of people who are into the genre […]

Suspension of Disbelief

I wanted to post a quick something I was thinking about recently – how useful Science can be in the SFF genre when used tentatively. I watched the film, The Age of Adaline, and in it the MC’s immortality is explained by a fluke accident, involving a car crash, hypothermia and electric shock by lightning. […]

Characterful Settings

I’ve been reading some of Chekhov’s short stories (love them), but one of the things that struck me reading them was how wonderfully the characters interact with their environment. Their thoughts, emotions and outlooks infuse the landscape and the setting in turn reflects them and their story so powerfully, making everything richer. For example in ‘The […]

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

I’d like to throw the limelight on the figure who lurks in the shadows of novels like the wizard of Oz behind the curtain. The narrative voice. A few books I’ve read lately lend themselves to the analysis of voice, that  diction that imbues the landscape of the novel with its unique tones and hues. I’ve found myself ruminating […]

Setting: Sea, diving and inspiration

I have woefully neglected blogging of late, but may reasonably be excused as I’ve been away on holiday for a while. Nothing like a change of scene to give you food for thought and writing fodder. A scuba diving holiday has done just that and I thought I’d get back to the writing by sharing […]

The Threshold of Redrafting

I believe I have recently made a stride along the long, often wearisome road that is Writer’s Way. Learning from a previous foray into the world of literary representation: I redrafted, edited, formatted and sought a professional critique and report on the opening section of my new novella. My previous attempts, a few years ago, found […]

The Consciousness of Character

I’ve been working on exercises on crafting characters last week. I finally treated myself to a book I’ve been hankering to get my hands on to. I’d like to say it’s because it was recommended to me, which is the case, but as well as this, its the appropriateness of the title: Take your Characters to Dinner with you […]

A walk in the Past

After umming and ahhing about whether to start this blog for a few months, I finally gave in; for as we all know even unpublished authors should build a web presence. After researching and discussing it on writer’s forums and with friends and family, the thing that swayed me was realising that I could furnish […]