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Discovered Tomes…

Relief from a carved funerary lekythos at Athens: Hermes as psychopomp conducts the deceased, Myrrhine, to Hades, ca 430-420 BCE (National Archaeological Museum of Athens). CC BY 2.5 Thought I’d put a little piece up about some of the great publications I’ve been reading this week. Some discovered through competition submissions and deadlines I’ve completed […]

Short Story Contests

My story is set in Edinburgh during over the holiday season. Wanted to share some good news with you readers and writers out there! Yesterday I heard that my short story, Irrepressible has come runner up in Fictuary Short Story Holiday Contest and will be published in their Feed Me Fiction April Edition. As you can imagine […]

Bath Flash Fiction Awards

Don’t really have that much to blog about this week as I’ve been working hard at getting an entry ready for the bath flash fiction competition, as well as the usual redrafting of novel, short story writing, Beta reading and looking after doggy clientele 😉 Thought I’d just put out a shout there to everyone who’s […]

Short Stories – Scratching the Surface

I wanted to share a few little bits and pieces I’ve been reading lately, both tips on short story writing and some quotations and musings on some of those I’ve enjoyed lately. I came across this great article recently on the Writers and Artists website and will definitely be trying to take these tips on […]

Short Fiction

I’ve lately been getting into writing flash fiction and have found it an excellent way to be able to work on something new every week and experiment. Through reading around I found an article by David Gaffney that, I think, sums up the point of flash fiction really nicely and has tips  think about when […]

Time to Write

In a bid to get organised for the year with regard to writing, I spent the first day of this week planning a schedule for across the month. The first week dividing my time between writing  flash fiction, editing old short stories and redrafting my novel. Four submissions of short stories made today and another flash fiction piece on Ad […]

Short Story Competitions

Thought I’d share some of my good news – I got a piece of flash fiction published on Ad Hoc Fiction in this week’s competition. Have a look at the link and read and vote if you have time, (it’s free to read and to enter). I’ve lately started submitting to short story competitions after working […]

The Battle of Land and Sea

I have found myself a little obsessed with the sea over the last year (since taking up diving – I know, you couldn’t tell, right!) and I’m sure that’s part of why I enjoyed Conrad so much recently. Reflecting on this I was reminded that I used to have quite a different fantasy a few years […]

Happy Halloween Creatures of the Night

I wrote a little about vampires not that long ago in a post about urban fantasy. At this time of year lots more people start thinking about these beings. Whether its Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy or any of the many more books, TV shows and films out there on this subject, there certainly is […]

A World between the Shadows and the Surface

Just a quick post to say I’m back from an amazing scuba diving trip and looking forward to getting back into reading and writing in the upcoming weeks. I was diving out in the Red Sea in Northern Egypt on reefs and wrecks. The more and more I dive, the more I feel like there […]