Crow Moon by Anna McKerrow: Book Review

Crow Moon is a wonderful invention of a world and story where the shortage of fuel has divided the world. We start off in the Green World, in Dorset and Cornwall where they have formed their own community, which is self-sufficient, living simply off the land…and has witches to protect the villages from the threat of the outside world; the Red World.

Any laughing we might want to do about this witch business is taken care of, in the disinterested and slightly derisive voice of our protagonist, teenage boy, Danny. We learn about the witchcraft and protective wards on the villages and what’s at stake gradually as our unwilling hero is swept up into this world.

This unapologetically cheeky and flirty YA novel is full of intrigue, action and adventure and magic. A lovely world full of the ancient mystery of standing-stones, cruel cliff-tops and savage seas. A world where visualisations, curses and conjuring can happen at the drop of a hat, but which our reluctant hero will not be able to come back from unchanged.

(My image of Stonehenge, Wiltshire, 2013)

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