Deep Water, Lu Hersey: Book Review

A lovely Middle Grade Fantasy story set in Cornwall. If you like the sea and folklore – you’ll love this read. In Scotland I grew up reading lots of myths about the Selkie, which inspires Lu’s story – so I really enjoyed this one!

The protagonist, Danni is a teenage girl who is thrust into mysteries concerning her family when her mum disappears. We are led on a journey with Danni, which incorporates Cornish folklore, strange cults and religions – and which Danni, with the help of her friends and family must uncover the truth about if she is to save her mum.

A little of some of the beautiful description with which Lu brings the myth and the story to life:

“…we swim for what must be miles around rocks and gullies offshore, chasing fish through the seaweed and over stretches of tide-rippled sand.

Lobsters raise their claws menacingly from rocky crevices as we dart past. Shoals of sand-speckled flatfish flutter across the seabed when we get too close. Out in the open water, we circle a swarm of ghostly jellyfish with cauliflower-like tentacles that have somehow survived the winter, drifting along on some invisible current. I swim through the darkening water, somersaulting round and round…”

A thoroughly enjoyable, well-paced read with likeable characters and bits that make you chuckle. And most of all – a thrilling take that infuses new life into a well-loved myth!

And with that I want to go diving again!

(Diving in Lundy -fishy pup. Photograph by Ben Illis as my camera flooded that trip!)


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