Short Story Contests

My story is set in Edinburgh during over the holiday season.

Wanted to share some good news with you readers and writers out there! Yesterday I heard that my short story, Irrepressible has come runner up in Fictuary Short Story Holiday Contest and will be published in their Feed Me Fiction April Edition. As you can imagine I’m really thrilled and hope you guys will check it out when it’s released and have a read!

As well as getting the story featured, what I really appreciated was getting some comments on my story. I think lots of you out there will empathise that going through the process of submitting stories/novels (I will admit I have done this when said story was not ready to be queried in the past) but even so, submitting and receiving form rejections or not hearing anything does get rather disheartening. So make sure you do celebrate the milestones and achievements along the way! For me that was a couple of halves of craft beer last night and a celebratory lunch out with my husband today 🙂

Happy reading and writing to you all!

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