Bath Flash Fiction Awards

Don’t really have that much to blog about this week as I’ve been working hard at getting an entry ready for the bath flash fiction competition, as well as the usual redrafting of novel, short story writing, Beta reading and looking after doggy clientele 😉

Thought I’d just put out a shout there to everyone who’s entering and to all the lovely readers looking forward to the upcoming publication of the awards. Good luck and enjoy! I re-read the winning entries from last year to my sister this morning and although all are really good, was struck again at how amazing Eileen Merriman’s story was: check it out if you haven’t read it or if you just want to reminisce. And her blog is here if you want to explore more of her work.

I thought it was very fitting that that’s the one that’s so visceral, charged with so much emotion and depth when the competition closes this year on Valentine’s Day (lol!)

So have a lovely weekend and hope you all fall in love with a new author or book this Valentine’s!


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