The Battle of Land and Sea

I have found myself a little obsessed with the sea over the last year (since taking up diving – I know, you couldn’t tell, right!) and I’m sure that’s part of why I enjoyed Conrad so much recently. Reflecting on this I was reminded that I used to have quite a different fantasy a few years ago. For light relief after a hard day at work, I used to dream of a more peaceful lifestyle, away from the crowds of the city (I think this was a symptom of growing up in the countryside) and this was my go to site:


Now it has been replaced with looking at dive sites, scoping out which reefs and marine life I’d most like to visit, as well as eyeing up the occasional boat.

Ok, direct question – if you’re reading this what’s your fantasy and why? Has it changed over the years? Or if you’re a writer – what about your main character? What do they long for deep down?

Leave you with a Conrad quote:

“Sunshine gleams between the lines of these short paragraphs – sunshine and the glitter of the sea.” (Karain: A Memory)

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