Stoner: Book Review

I cannot profess enough how much I enjoyed this book. In it a young man from an agriculture background attends university and discovers his inner sense of self through literature. It’s a novel that anyone who loves literature will relate to and devour in a few sittings. The change affected on his mind affects raises the dull lecture theatre setting to something transcendent:

“Light slanted from the windows and settled upon the faces of his fellow students, so that the illumination seemed to come from within them and go out against dimness..He turned his hands about under his gaze marvelling at their brownness, at the intricate way the nails fit into his blunt finger ends…”

The way he moves about the university, the way he sees its oldest parts is with a reverence as though it is a temple or church and it becomes the sole constant in his life.

It is a book about love; love of ideas and how one can propel us through life.

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