A World between the Shadows and the Surface

Just a quick post to say I’m back from an amazing scuba diving trip and looking forward to getting back into reading and writing in the upcoming weeks. I was diving out in the Red Sea in Northern Egypt on reefs and wrecks. The more and more I dive, the more I feel like there is a clarity gained in that space between the dark, far-reaching depths and the clear surface above.

Time passing is audible in the long, deep breaths through your regulator and yet there is a deep calm and weightlessness. Coming upon a wreck is particularly curious: corridors and passageways open up around, giving shape to the underwater world that you’re living.

Yet, it is still the reefs and coral swim-throughs that are my favourite, experiencing vertigo suspended above the deep blue, mountainous coral walls rising ahead.

And you never know what you might find in the infinite blue.wreck3wreck4.

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