Beta Readers and Critique Partners

Last week I extended my network of Beta readers. In the past I’ve just used the writers’ forums I frequent, but I’ve been so happy finding lots more readers/writers to swap with at Goodreads this week. (Thank you to all those people who reached out). It reminded me of the thoughts of a debuting author, Shirley Anne McMillan. She entered the 2014 Undiscovered Voices Competition and I read her YA extract entry, which was excellent and is going to be published in 2016. Loved what she said on the UV website and completely agree: writing could be a lonely occupation, but it isn’t with so many enthusiastic readers and writers out there 🙂 So thank you to everyone for likes, comments, emails and Beta reading/swaps.

Been reading a few of Nicole Morgan’s books lately: Dear Agent, Write a Great Synopsis and Write to be Published. All great sources of advice for aspiring authors from a talented, down to earth, amusing writer. They are books that give no nonsense advice, with black humour thrown in. She made me laugh about her take on some of the silly things aspiring writers can fall prone to complaining about, such as, ‘but there’s so much rubbish that gets published, it’s not fair!’

Response: “…there’s an art to writing good rubbish. It’s not easy. Have you tried? There’s a fortune to be made, I’ve heard.”

I giggled at some of the things we’re supposedly ‘aspiring’ to as well:

“Your publisher will blame you for your poor sales and dump you. This is like being made redundant but without the money. On the other hand, writing is often like working but without the money.”

None of this matters though as we’re still here and continuing to persevere – that’s what counts! And feel free to get in touch if you fancy Beta reading for me or if you’d like your MS Beta read by me 🙂


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