Jupiter Ascending: Film Review


Ok…this one kept popping up as a recommendation on my Plex to watch – it’s a YA, Action Adventure, Sci-fi. Kind of my thing…

I watched it all, but honestly, just to giggle at. The premise: a young woman, Jupiter finds out she is the heiress to an intergalactic kingdom and fights to protect Earth and its inhabitants from an evil industry.

Hmmm…could actually have been ok, but sadly, no. Jupiter, the MC’s humdrum life is quickly disturbed by evil intergalactic forces, keepers, who come to kill her. Then a bounty hunter, Caine rescues her with the aid of his technologically advanced, hover boots. These boots, the multiple space-craft chases and the, garish, gothic space-ship of one of the Abrasax heirs takes up screen time and leaves no time for creating a coherent storyline.

Did I not mention that Jupiter is the reincarnation of the recently deceased Abrasax heir and that all three heirs are fighting her right as ruler so that they can lay claims to the people of Earth who they want to harvest to use to make elixir of life from so as to keep their youth and immortality? Well…it was all glossed over in the film so probably isn’t important.

For a chuckle and some gratuitous space chases worth a peek.

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