Hunting Lila: Book Review

hunting lila

Ok…remember I was branching out a bit – this one is a little bit more in my comfort zone though. It’s down as Action and Adventure in Amazon, but has the Supernatural slant – I guess we could label it as Supernatural Thriller or Suspense.

Let me say first – I read it very quickly. It’s a good light, well-paced read. Lila, the MC is a 17 year old, withdrawn young woman with two secrets. She can move things with her mind and…she’s been in love with her brother’s best friend most of her life. No seriously, that is how it comes across in the book – her being secretly in love is much more important than her secret power.

In short I found Lila a little weak willed, immature and in my opinion, not the kind of character most young women would want to root for. The other secondary characters of Jack, the brother, and Alex, the secret love are similar – too macho, a little flat and two-dimensional. The best bit is when the other characters with supernatural powers come in – Suki, Demos and the crew have a bit more personality going on, and personally, I would want to hang around with them rather than the main crew! But, there is a twist, which keeps things interesting, plenty of action and like I say, I kept reading to the end. For a holiday read or a light-hearted evening in – it works.


    • Hey Rachel, thanks for the comment and stopping by. And not bad at all – I recommend it for a light-hearted read 🙂


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