Suspension of Disbelief

I wanted to post a quick something I was thinking about recently – how useful Science can be in the SFF genre when used tentatively. I watched the film, The Age of Adaline, and in it the MC’s immortality is explained by a fluke accident, involving a car crash, hypothermia and electric shock by lightning. (All rather amazing, I know, but the short scientific aspect of the story is that during the accident some of her cell functions were altered). Lots of people, (who understand more about molecular biology than I do, would take umbrage at this scientific mumbo-jumbo; I know because my older sister’s one of them,an ex-biochemist). But a tentative, vague Scientific explanation is a great device to help suspend the reader/viewer’s disbelief and build that bridge from your fantasy to the real world.

A few months ago I did my own research into t

elomeres and the aging process, linking recent DNA research with goings-on in my Urban Fantasy world, (with my sister’s help of course). A great Fantasy book that uses this device successfully is Deborah Harkness’ A Discovery of Witches. Have a read and enjoy how easily your disbelief falls by the way-side.

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