Consciousness, sentience and other age-old questions…

Lately, I’ve been getting really into watching a lot of films about artificial intelligence; mainly because there are so many good ones out there at the moment.

I watched Ex Machina last night and what can I say, but quote the character, Caleb, “****ing awesome!”

It’s a thought provoking Sci-Fi film in which the MC, Caleb has to examine a robot and decide whether it possesses consciousness. The usual questions spring up – What is consciousness? Does man have a right to create it? And the more complicated question – is gender attached to our consciousness?

But as is always the case, it is the darker hue of human-hood that gives the story its complexities and conflicts – control, envy, arrogance, anger and deceit.

If, like me, you haven’t had your fill of robots, try watching the current TV show, Humans. Also give the film

Ava, Ex Machina

Ava, Ex Machina

Her and Transcendence a go. (Though technically speaking, Transcendence is the about the molding of human consciousness with a machine, but consciousness is consciousness – whatever form it takes, right?)

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  1. Glad you’ll take a look – definitely right up your street!

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