Consciousness, sentience and other age-old questions…

Lately, I’ve been getting really into watching a lot of films about artificial intelligence; mainly because there are so many good ones out there at the moment.

I watched Ex Machina last night and what can I say, but quote the character, Caleb, “****ing awesome!”

It’s a thought provoking Sci-Fi film in which the MC, Caleb has to examine a robot and decide whether it possesses consciousness. The usual questions spring up – What is consciousness? Does man have a right to create it? And the more complicated question – is gender attached to our consciousness?

But as is always the case, it is the darker hue of human-hood that gives the story its complexities and conflicts – control, envy, arrogance, anger and deceit.

If, like me, you haven’t had your fill of robots, try watching the current TV show, Humans. Also give the film

Her and Transcendence a go. (Though technically speaking, Transcendence is the about the molding of human consciousness with a machine, but consciousness is consciousness – whatever form it takes, right?)

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