Book Review: Smoke and Bone – The Grisha Series

Finished the first book in The Grisha series – Smoke and Bone. Although not a particular fan of the MC, Alina, who was too whiny and self-pitying for my liking (Think Fanny Price type from Mansfield Park), the world of Ravka was easy to sink into.

The Kingdom of Ravka was split in two when the shadow fold was created, a terrible swathe of blackness where deadly creatures lurk, killing those who cross its boundaries. We learn quickly about the two types of citizens to Ravka: the ordinary foot-soldiers and the Grisha.

Alina finds herself transported from the ordinary into the Grisha world and attempts to master her newly discovered powers. As well as this, she struggles to leave behind her feelings for her childhood friend, Mal and understand her new feelings for the Darkling, the leader of the Grisha.

In truth, it is the Darkling who steals the show. It is his complex, conflicted and disturbingly seductive character that you will find yourself falling for.

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