Book Review: The Elemental Mysteries Series

Wanted to post up another review on Elizabeth Hunter’s excellent Paranormal Romance series: The Elemental Mysteries. Have now read the others too; This Same Earth, The Force of Wind and A Fall of Water.

Just wanted to exclaim – they are excellent!

We become well travelled with B and Gio in the series – in the second book we come from Los Angeles to Wales and in the next we’re off to China, culminating in Rome for the finale.

The pace is fast moving and when we’re not trying to hunt down old books, (which is much more exciting than that sounds, I realise) we are busy deciphering clues, getting caught up in the romance and watching family secrets unravelling.

I particularly enjoyed the Council of the Elders in China in the third book. The old characters and their far-reaching past contrast brilliantly with the decisions B and Gio need to make in the present concerning immortality.

In the final installment it was great to watch our couple navigate the political Vampiric world of Rome, uncovering secrets and calling on the ancients in their quest for survival. (After all, no vampire story is complete without a good origins story).

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