A Hidden Fire: Book Review

Although not YA, the genre I am writing in at the moment, I still wanted to share a review of A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter; a Paranormal Romance novel I read a little while ago. It is the first book in a series of four, The Elemental Mysteries.

Enter: Dr Giovanni Vecchio, a bookish, handsome, mysterious, Italian academic.

(Waiting in the wing) Beatrice De Novo, an independent-spirited, quirky trainee-librarian.

Throw in some ancient manuscripts, archival research in ancient history and a healthy dose of mysteries and what do you get? A well-paced, suspenseful narrative with plenty of twists and turns and a lovely backdrop for the developing romantic relationship.

And, when Gio (Giovanni) comes out as a particular supernatural being, the story could have fallen flat (this particular coming out having happened in so much literature of late) but this is happily not the case. There is enough pace and intrigue in the rest of the plot to keep the momentum.

Even the side characters are well-developed, such as Carwyn, the gossipy priest, making the whole book a very engaging read.

Highly recommend taking a walk with Beatrice through the musty, archives of modern day Houston, where you’ll soon find yourself caught up int the mysteries of Renaissance Florence and Gio’s dark past.

Feel free to drop me a comment if you fancy reminiscing about your favourite moments in the book.


  • I loved this book. It took a very used paradigm and made it interesting and engaging. I liked that Beatrice and Gio share common interests. She wasn’t just into him because of the supernatural factor. It made their relationship realistic. I started reading the second one, but time constraints kept me from finishing it.

    • Soooo true…it was the developing relationship between the two of them that was done so well. And exactly – not just the vamp factor! 🙂


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