Cinder: YA Book Review

Wanted to start sharing some reviews about the YA fantasy novels I’ve been reading lately.  I’ll start with the most recent first, Cinder by Marissa Meyers. It is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles. Starting out, I wasn’t sure how much would be original or unique, but Meyer crafts the futuristic world of New Bejing as an exciting and different setting for our heroine, Cinder. Cinder is very quickly revealed to be a complex character, battling with her own shame and isolation due to being part cyborg.

“Cinder searched for her voice. Her pulse was throbbing, white spots flickering across her vision. A red warning flickered in the corner of her eye – a recommendation that she calm down. “I didn’t ask to be made like this!”

Cinder’s human emotions and her individuality vie throughout the novel with her mechanical parts and make for a conflicted character. Her perception of herself and the stigma society has for her kind add a darker hue to the story too.

Cinder meets Prince Kai in the very first chapter, and immediately the reader feels for Cinder and her situation.

The novel’s pace is excellent – obstacles such as the plague, Cinder’s troubled relationships with her step-family and the gradual discovery about her own background develop the story well. The sub-plot of Prince Kai and royal relations with the Lunar race, with their queen and the prospect of War become intertwined with the main plot. Cinder faces difficult choices throughout, whether to do what’s best for her, or Prince Kai or the country and planet at large.

Great read and looking forward to devouring the next in the series. If you’re a Cinder fan drop me a comment and we can chat about the cool, kick-ass, mechanic or the easy-going,charismatic prince Kai.

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